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Laser marker DPSS UV Proтм

Based on the ultraviolatet laser

Practical Uses: application of images, bar codes marking, marking, sequential numbering, removal of cover layer

Suitable Materials: Metals, Plastics (polymers), Glass and ceramics

Industry Usage: Jewelry industry, Medicine, Electronic components, Industrial Products, Promotional items, Consumer electronics, Bar codes, serial numbers

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Series technology

SharpMark Green Pico Pro is the professional Series, based on the UV solid state laser with a wavelength of 355 nm or 266 nm.

Laser systems of this type are used in the heat-sensitive electronic and aerospace industries for micromachining of special materials, including marking, trimming, and scribing. It provides minimal thermal effect on the treatment zone due to higher resolution of the laser beam,

Entrust selection of equipment to our specialists, who on the test basis will pick the most suitable system for your production.

Series features

Micromachining "special" materials

Micromachining "special" materials

Apply in the heat-sensitive electronic and aerospace industries

High-end components

High-end components

from best manufacturers of lasers, optics and scanning systems are used in the Pro Series

The extended working area

The extended working area

XYZ-coordinate table (optional) enables 600 x 400 x 400 mm working area in the Pro version

Highlighting of the working area

Highlighting of the working area

allows operation even in low light conditions, provides the best tuning accuracy

Easy focusing

Easy focusing

Is garanted by the two laser diodes enabling quick and accurate focusing of the laser beam on the marking surface.

Contour positioning

Contour positioning

is used to indicate the marking trace on the item along the contour of the original image with the maximum accuracy.



streams the video on a TV or video recorder, can be used for marking process demonstrations

Integration in the production line

Integration in the production line

for moving objects marking under «Mark-On-Fly» regime and remote control

Exceptional reliability

Exceptional reliability

Is achieved through reliable industrial design and sealed housing, which protects the optics from the dust.

Turnkey Installation

Turnkey Installation

Includes system comissioning, delivery and training provided by the certified engineer


Laser emitter

Laser source UV diode-pumped solid-state laser on a Nd: YVO4 crystal (Vanadate)
Wave length 266, 355 mm
Lasing output 1, 2 W
Laser pulse energy 2 - 6 ns
Peak energy 50 kW, 100 kW
Laser pulse energy 100, 200 mcJ
Pulsed frequency 10 - 100 kHZ
Laser beam quality m2 < 1.3
Lens options 160 mm, (100, 254, 330 mm) - optional
Scanner 2-axis scanner, Cambridge Technologies, USA
Size of marking field 102 x 102 mm (62 x62 mm, 160 x 160 mm, 217 x217 mm) depends on the lenses
Resolution up to 1200 dpi
Marking speed up to 10 000
Typing speed up to 450 letters / sec
Hardware and Software resolution 1,6
The size of the marking head 415 x 181 x 119 mm
General characteristics

General characteristics

Power supply unit dimensions 405 x 165 x 105 mm
Colling system Independent air cooling
Operating temperature 15o - 30o С
Power consumption ~1х220 V, 50 Hz, 450W
Security Blocking laser under certain event
Marking materials Plastic, metal, painted items and rubber
Software SharpLase SoftTM
Operating System MS Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
System Control Interface USB 2.0
Weight 28 kg
  • Moving systems and stands

  • Rotary attachments

  • Focusing lens

  • Fume extraction

  • Accessories

Allow to increase the field of processing up to 600x400 mm

Marking and engraving on cylindrical surfaces

Focuses the laser beam at a certain distance

Fume extraction for air purification in the process of laser cutting and engraving

The controller peripherals (XY table and rotary device), goggles



Marking speedдо 10 000 mm/sec

Power options10, 20, 30, 40 W

Wavelength1064 nm

Laser pulse length (AC) 10 - 60 ns, 6 - 32 ns,
6 - 30 ns, 6 - 30 ns

CapabilitiesApplication of images,
Bar codes marking,
Sequential numbering,
Removal of cover layer

FeaturesHigh quality marking

DPSS Green Pro

Marking speedдо 10 000 mm/sec

Power options5, 10 W

Wavelength532 nm

Laser pulse length (AC) 10 - 60 ns

CapabilitiesApplication of images,
Bar codes marking,
Sequential numbering
Removal of cover layer

Features3D image in a glass

DPSS YVO4 Pico Pro

Marking speedдо 10 000 mm/sec

Power options1.5, 4 W

Wavelength532, 1064 nm

Laser pulse length (AC) 0.6, 3 ns

CapabilitiesApplication of images,
Bar codes marking,
Sequential numbering
Removal of cover layer

FeaturesMarking on the "difficult" materials


Marking speedдо 10 000 mm/sec

Power options1, 2 W

Wavelength266, 355 nm

Laser pulse length (AC) 2 - 6 ns

CapabilitiesApplication of images,
Bar codes marking,
Sequential numbering
Removal of cover layer

FeaturesMicromachining "special" materials

Software SharpLase Soft TM

Training to work on software

Vector and bitmap formats

for works of any complexity

More than 50 different fonts

with the possibility of unlimited expansion

24 types of linear and two-dimensional barcodes

PDF417, Data Matrix, UPC, EAN and others

Photographic quality

marking images

Operating Systems

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Marking features
Graphics and text
Bar codes
Basic information
  • Quick change of marking and engraving settings
  • Different marking settings in repeated cycles
  • Enables inverted marking of bitmap images
  • Marking and engraving on flat and cylindrical surfaces
  • Inverting X and Y coordinates
  • Marking field linearity adjustment
  • Center of the marking field scale and position adjustment
  • Mark-on-fly mode
  • 3D marking
Basic information
  • Photographic quality of marked images
  • Three algorithms of level of gray conversion with visual control over the result
  • Conversion of monochrome bitmap images into vector for quicker marking and engraving
Basic information
  • Basic graphics: lines, splines, sector, ellipse, rectangle, polygon
  • Supports all TrueType fonts
  • Linear and elliptical text
  • Multiline text with aligning capability
  • Objects convertion: rotation, scaling, mirroring, grouping
  • Shading of objects in a group
  • Vector mode for broad line marking
Types of supported files
  • Vector files: * .SMF (SharpLase files), * .DXF.
  • Bipmap files: * .BMP, * .jpg, * .jpeg.
  • 3D files: * .stl.
Basic information
  • 24 types of barcodes including 2D codes: PDF417, MaxiCode, DataMatrix
  • Direct and inverted codes marking with fields size adjusting capability
  • The serial numbers and the barcodes