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About us

+ 1-818-642-7501 SharpLase Inc Corporate Place, Suite E104Monterey Park, CA 91754

SharpLase is a laser systems division of Industrial & Medical Design, Inc. Focused on the development and manufacturing of industrial laser material processing equipment, Industrial & Medical Design has been in business since 1998 as an engineering and manufacturing company with expertise in lasers, optics and electronics.

Офис Industrial & Medical Design

In more than a decade, engineers at Industrial & Medical Design have developed a broad portfolio of innovative products including ophthalmic and aesthetic lasers, electromechanical surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic devices, and industrial lasers for welding and marking. Our products combine attractive design, outstanding product characteristics, reliability, and user friendly operation. By implementing advanced technology in our laser sources, we are able to offer the most robust DPSS Laser Markers at the lowest cost per watt of laser power on the market.

Due to continuously growing demand on affordable laser marking, welding and engraving systems Industrial & Medical Design decided to establish a new laser systems division. Since 2009 SharpLase has been developing and manufacturing all laser equipment for material processing, including new products and products developed at Industrial & Medical Design.