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Features laser engraver

Features laser engraver - laser cutting
Laser cutting

SharpMark® laser cutting equipment can cut thin metals. High precision and cutting quality characterizes laser cutting method.

This method is widely used in electronics, jewelry industry, medicine.

Capabilities laser engraver - Removal of cover layer
Removal of cover layer

SharpMark®laser equipment processing on the material removes one or more coating layers.

This method is widely used in electronics - for substrates, instrument panels, elements of various devices, marking.

Also this method can be used to create an image by removing the top layer of the contrasting...

use laser machines - marking

SharpMark® laser equipment enables to mark items of different sizes, from the large parts to the smallest details. Cylindrical or conical shape can be marked using additional equipment (rotary attachment).

method laser engraving - Application of images
Application of images

Upload photo / image in any convenient format (COREL, JPEG, etc.) and SharpMark laser equipment apply it on any surface: from the lighter to the notebook, tablet or phone.

The photo quality is great. Therefore, souvenirs with images are so popular.

Features laser engraver - color marking
Colour marking

Colour marking is widely used in manufacturng and electronics industry (capacitors, cartridges, cables, fuses, diodes, etc. marking)

In addition, the color marking can be used for applying logos, emblems, labels, etc. on the metals and other surface. The final result is beautiful and unusual, and...

method laser engraving - Engraving

Laser engraving is the most common and the fastest way to apply information on any surface, whether the inscription, logo or the image.

3D engraving
3D engraving

This method allows you to make a relief, clear images on the metals, glass and other surfaces. Drawing depth can be deepen or, conversely, convex.

Widely used in promotional and jewelery (coins, crosses, ornaments) industries, manufacturing (prints, stamps, etc.).

The 3D engraving is harmless ...

Deep Engraving
Deep Engraving

This method is widely used in manufacturing. According to some GOST stardards groove depth should be 0.75-1 of the width of the product. In such cases the deep engraving mode is required.

In addition, deep engraving can be used in the jewelry industry to create relief images, engraving of memorable...

Engraving into cylindrical items
Engraving into cylindrical items

The engraving on cylindrical and conical products is performed using the rotary attachment. Engraving can be done on the outside, as well as into the inside, which makes it very easy-to-apply in manufacturing, automotive, jewelery sectors.