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Product Testing

3 ways to make marking and graving sample

Как протестировать?

We offer three ways to experience laser marking and engraving for yourself: In office demonstration, Sample order, or demonstrations via Skype.

Choose the best and most convenient way to learn about our equipment capabilities, see a test run, and make samples using material you are planning to work with.


We welcome you to join us in our offices for a presentation and demonstration of the capabilities of the SharpLase laser system. We will describe the differences between marking and engraving on your particular materials.

Make sure to bring samples of the materials you are planning to work with, plans, files and technical description of the marking. Our specialists will be happy to demonstrate how our laser systems works with your materials in mind.

Demonstration of laser markers in the office of SharpLase

After the meeting we will prepare custom equipment choices and application recommendations for you.

Schedule in-office demonstration

Order Samples

If you can't visit our office, we offer free remote service.

Option 1: Create samples using your materials

You can bring the samples to our office or send them via mail. We will send you back the processed samples. We will also attach the report with recommendation on the suitable settings and the optimum processing conditions.

Option 2: Create samples on our materials according to your technical requirements

In the technical requirements, please, specify the type of material to be marked, if possible include marking requirement, attach the graphic information (image, logo, template, text, etc.).

Our engineers will develop a customized solution for your needs using their experience in the industry.

Send Sample Send Technical Requirements

Demonstration via Skype

If you cannot visit our office, we offer the ability to sign up for the presentation of the equipment capabilities via Skype. We will demonstrate the laser system and software capabilities on-line.

Compared to a telephone call, Skype-demonstration will give you a full picture of how the laser system works, and the time it takes for the various operations.

As during the live demonstration, we will discuss all the nuances of marking and engraving, compare the system with competitors, and discuss what to look for when choosing the laser system.

Following the meeting, we will prepare the recommendation for the hardware configuration and optimal processing conditions.

Sign up for the demostration via skype